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As a very classy and practical alternative to coming up with a drapery pairing, or hanging two separate roller shades together, our St. Tropez Sheer Shade offers a 2 for 1 combination of exceptional value and unlimited shading versatility. Open or closed, day or night, you’ll easily transform your lifestyle as you adjust the light and look of your living space!

Elegant and Durable

Similar in design to the original Hunter Douglas® Silhouette®, our St. Tropez Sheer Shade combines the simple functionality of a traditional blind with the elegant appearance of a delicate translucent fabric shade. With sturdy fabric vanes suspended horizontally between two sheer fabric facings, this versatile shade provides you with numerous viewing/shading options when tilting the vanes open completely, partially, or totally closed.

Although comparable to the shading intention of a Venetian Blind or California Shutter (but without all the framing ‘bulk’), the St. Tropez Sheer Shade is considerably more elegant and “sunlight-friendly”.


  • Room-Lightening: Just as if a white cloud were to block the sun, the sheer fabric will filter and diffuse bright sunlight, block out damaging UV rays, eliminate glare and achieve total privacy, yet permit enough natural light to pass through to brighten the room and reduce the need to switch lights on in the middle of the day.
  • Room-Darkening: The fabric vanes of the St. Tropez Sheer Shade can be constructed with a blackout fabric on one side to completely block out sunlight/streetlights and substantially darken the room, making it perfect for the bedroom.


  • Tilted about half-way (between open and closed) permits more light to flood the room, while still providing a reasonable measure of privacy.
  • Tilted slightly can still filter much of the sunlight while permitting a degree of diffused visibility when viewing from either the outside or inside.


  • Tilted open completely: The sheer fabric facing diffuses the view (looking in or out) and still provides a discernible measure of privacy and allows natural day lighting to flood your living space without the brightness of direct sunlight.

Can Sheer Shades be Motorized? Absolutely!

Although creating an environment that speaks to elegant design quality is always a prime consideration, a motorized system offers many other benefits, some of which include:

  • child safety
  • convenience
  • privacy
  • an added sense of security
  • improved energy efficiencies...just to name a few

And when you decide to motorize all your windows, or even just one room at a time as your needs or budget require, Drapes’n Shades will be happy to address all your Motorization questions and provide a full range of affordable options for you to consider. For the St. Tropez Sheer Shade, you can choose from a variety of sheer vane colours and sizes – 2”, 2 ½”, 3”, 3 ½”, 4”, along with a full selection of light-filtering and blackout fabrics to complement every room in your home.

Smart-Home Technology

Selected as an Expert Somfy® dealer, Drapes’n Shades was one of the first companies to provide affordable motorized window treatments for the residential market. And, as a motorization specialist, we have a solid understanding of the latest technology required to integrate any automated window system with most popular control platforms, including Alexa, Lutron, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Somfy®, Logitech, Control4, etc. Plus, we offer a full range of hard-wired, battery, and solar-powered options, easily controlled with hand-held/wall-mounted remotes or pre-programmed voice-command, workable from anywhere in the world on your phone or computer.

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