Sunscreen Roller Shades

Attractive, Practical and Affordable!

Easy to operate and very reasonably priced, Sunscreen Roller Shades provide the ideal shading solution for homes, cottages and offices alike. Plus, they easily blend with any type of decor with a sleek simplified design quality that provides a clean, finishing touch to any room.

Sunscreen Roller Shades can also extend the life of textiles, artwork & interior furnishings by preventing fading that results from damaging UV rays pouring in daily through windows.

Block the Sun, not the View!

Our sunscreen fabrics are woven to very precise standards in order to regulate the amount of sunlight passing through the opened surface area. Referred to as opacity, Sunscreen Roller Shade fabrics with an opacity range from 3% to 10% will provide excellent levels of view-through while reducing irritating glare and reflection and deliver excellent levels of solar performance (read below “Reduces Energy Costs”).

Reduces Energy Costs

Used alone or layered with drapes or valance treatments, Sunscreen Roller Shades provide an extra layer of protection (insulation) between your window pane and the outside world, thereby keeping heat from escaping during the cold winter months.  This improved level of efficiency could lower your heating costs by up to 25% while reducing the wear and tear on your furnace.

Conversely, in the summer months, keeping your Sunscreen Roller Shades rolled down will block direct sunlight pouring through your windows and heating up your home. This alone could save you up to 15% or more by reducing the need to run the air conditioning non-stop, not to mention adding years of life to your AC condenser.

Stay Connected to the Outside when you’re Inside

Whether at home or in the office, studies have shown that staying connected to one’s natural surroundings will help maintain or increase productivity because, while offering a degree of privacy (from outside), Sunscreen Roller Shades also provide an excellent level of see-through (from inside). Having this kind of ‘physical’ contact has proven to foster a measurable sense of well-being or degree of natural enhancement, along with a sense of not feeling ‘closed in’.

Can Sunscreen Roller Shades be Motorized? Absolutely!

Although creating an environment that speaks to elegant design quality is always a prime consideration, a motorized system gives you many other benefits including:

  • child safety
  • convenience
  • privacy
  • an added sense of security
  • improved energy efficiencies...just to name a few

And when you decide to motorize your Sunscreen Roller Shades, even just one room at a time as your needs or budget require, Drapes’n Shades will be happy to address all your Motorization questions along with a full range of affordable options for you to consider. For Sunscreen Roller Shades, you’ll have a rainbow of colours and exciting textures to choose from, plus a full selection of light-filtering fabrics and various opacities to complement and accentuate every room in your home.

Smart-Home Technology

Selected as an Expert Somfy® dealer, our in-house engineer is always on-site to ensure flawless wiring and seamless smart-home system integration.  And, because Drapes’n Shades specializes in motorization, we know how to apply the latest in cutting-edge interface technology with most popular control platforms, including Alexa, Lutron, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Somfy®, Logitech, Control4, etc. Plus, we offer a full range of hard-wired, battery, and solar-powered options that make it easy to modify natural daylight and privacy with a simple touch of a button on hand-held/wall-mounted remotes or voice-commands, pre-programmed time-sets from anywhere in the world from your tablet, phone or computer.

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