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A Stylish Alternative to a Traditional Shade

Drapes’n Shades is proud to introduce you to the Zebra Roller Shade, the savvy choice of modern homeowners looking for a stylish alternative to a typical traditional Venetian horizontal blind or California Shutter.  Appropriate for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms or family rooms, the Zebra Roller Shade will modernize the look of your home with a balanced combination of sheer elegance and practical utility.

What makes a Zebra Roller Shade Unique?

As one of the most innovative window treatments ever created, the Zebra Roller Shade displays a unique light-filtering effect that lets you get creative with the colour texture and lighting intensity of any room in the house. Because of the way they’re designed to operate, the Zebra Roller Shade provides an endless choice of combinations for you to control how much light comes in, its overall brightness and the level of shading or privacy you want as a result.

How Do Zebra Roller Shades Work?

Technically, the Zebra Roller Shade is composed of a long continuous piece of material designed with a pattern consisting of two stripes or parallel bands of opaque (solid) and sheer (transparent/translucent) fabric that repeats itself sequentially, similar to stripes on a zebra, alternating from black (opaque) to white (sheer). This piece of material is controlled from the top roller and continuously loops around a roller system at the bottom, causing the alternating bars of material to pass over each other while pulling on the shade up or down. And it’s this up or down action that will determine the amount of light that comes in and impacts the colour texture of the room.

Room-Darkening or Room-Lightening

Take your pick! Drapes’n Shades can design and custom make your Zebra Roller Shade in both room-lightening and room-darkening levels of opacity, from sheer (diffused light) to blackout – it depends on how much light or privacy you require. And with either, you have an endless choice of ways to create unique light-filtering effects by simply adjusting the positioning of the blind and aligning the bands to vary the amount of light and create a desired filtered light effect or specific level of privacy.

BEDROOMS     Many people lean towards a room-darkening shade that, when fully closed, blocks out close to 85% of the light, making it dark enough to sleep and not be distracted by bright street lamps. If a total blackout is your preference – Drapes’n Shades has created a unique Dual Shade Blackout System where we combine two roller shades together to attain the greatest blackout efficiency possible (99% total darkness!)

FAMILY ROOM      Drapes’n Shades has a room-darkening Zebra Roller Shade that will change the way you watch TV forever because, when necessary, they can block just enough light to transform the room into something resembling a home theatre, while permitting just enough to let the room remain functional without having to turn on a light. And, these shades also provide a level of insulation that can help to make the room feel ‘cozy’!

Can ZEBRA SHADES be Motorized? Absolutely!

Although creating an environment that speaks to elegant design quality is always a prime consideration, a motorized system provides many other benefits including:

  • child safety
  • convenience
  • privacy
  • an added sense of security
  • improved energy efficiencies...just to name a few.

And when you decide to motorize your Zebra Roller Shade, even just one room at a time as your needs or budget require, Drapes’n Shades will be happy to address all your Motorization questions along with bringing a full range of colours and exciting blackout textures to choose from.

Smart-Home Technology

Selected as an Expert Somfy® dealer, our in-house engineer is always on-site to ensure flawless wiring and seamless smart-home system integration.  And, because Drapes’n Shades specializes in motorization, we understand how to assimilate the latest in cutting-edge interface technology with most popular control platforms, including Alexa, Lutron, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Somfy®, Logitech, Control4, etc. Plus, we offer a full range of hard-wired, battery, and solar-powered options that make it easy to modify natural daylight and privacy with a simple touch of a button on hand-held/wall-mounted remotes or voice-commands, pre-programmed time-sets from anywhere in the world, in real time, directly from your tablet, phone or computer.

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