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How do Skylight Shades Work?

A typical Skylight Shade is cellular in design (like a honeycomb) and intended to:

  • INSULATE and serve as a buffer between the inside and outside by trapping air in each cell, thereby effectively reducing the radiated heat gain (more than 65%) that occurs to/from the inside and outside.
  • SHIELD and provide protection from harmful UV rays (as much as 90%) by filtering and diffusing the sunlight, while still allowing light to pass through.

What People LOVE About Skylights

People love the airy brightness and abundance of natural daylight that literally pours into their living space; creating a comforting feeling of freedom, openness and closeness to nature. And, sometimes, on a clear dark can see forever!

What People HATE About Skylights


Who would have imagined that a hot, blazing daytime sun and constant UV ray exposure could:

  • create such an intense, over-bearing glare on their computers and TVs?
  • rapidly fade and deteriorate their prized possessions?
  • transform a room or a whole floor into an oven (despite the AC operating full-time) by compounding with all the hot air in the home rising?

Many homes tend to ‘settle’ over time which causes the general infrastructure, including door and window casements, to move or shift slightly and create breaks in the sealing. For an untreated skylight window, these breaks:

  • permit cold wind and drafts to leak in quite noticeably and with regularity
  • let rising heat and precious moisture to escape
  • combined, make the living space an undesirable place to be in.

How can a Skylight Shade Help me Save Money?

Despite best intentions, an untreated skylight can unwittingly defeat the purpose of having one in the first place by:

  • making your expensive HVAC system work much harder and longer than it was designed to (rapid deterioration)
  • causing your energy costs to literally go through the roof as a result (now you know where that phrase comes from!)

Drapes’n Shades will custom design, manufacture and expertly install the appropriate Skylight Shade that:

  • gives you the freedom to decide and control the amount of light that shines in
  • provides a critical insulating barrier that separates the inside of your home from the outside elements
  • permits you to control the cold, heat and light all season ‘round, day or night

How can a Skylight Shade Improve my Quality of Life?

For added savings and efficiency, Drapes’n Shades offers a Blackout Skylight Shade, manufactured with a blackout cellular fabric that not only acts as an effective insulating barrier between your inside space and the outdoor elements, but also includes a metal lining that will help significantly lower your energy consumption and add years to the life of your furnace and air conditioner.

Can Skylight Shades be Motorized? Absolutely!

Back before motorization technology was available (and affordable), a Skylight Shade would be opened or closed manually with the pull of a cord or using an extension pole (telescope). Lately, however, skylights have become a standard fixture for most new-builds and a “must-have” add-on for many renovations. A Motorized Skylight Shade is not only convenient – it just makes a lot of sense, particularly with irregular-shaped and hard-to-reach skylights showing up more and more.

Smart-Home Technology

Selected as an Expert Somfy® dealer, our in-house engineer is always on-site to ensure flawless wiring and seamless smart-home system integration.  And, because Drapes’n Shades specializes in motorization, we understand how to assimilate the latest in cutting-edge interface technology with most popular control platforms, including Alexa, Lutron, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Somfy®, Logitech, Control4, etc. Plus, we offer a full range of hard-wired, battery, and solar-powered options that make it easy to modify natural daylight and privacy with a simple touch of a button on hand-held/wall-mounted remotes or voice-commands, pre-programmed time-sets from anywhere in the world, in real time, directly from your tablet, phone or computer.

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