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When it comes to great value, Cellular Shades are one of the best-kept secrets in the window treatment business because they provide a measureable added value that isn’t available with other window treatments!



How are Cellular Shades different?

Let’s start with the name, “cellular”. Other blinds and shades such as “blackout”, “solar”, “sunscreen” etc. have functional names that describe what they do, whereas the name, “cellular” describes the way they are made to look. This explains why Cellular Shades are also referred to as “honeycomb” shades, because of their intricate honeycomb-shaped cellular construction.

Another factor has to do with their composition. Unlike most window treatments that are made with hard materials, Cellular Shades are made with a sturdy, yet softer fabric or paper-like material that is folded into honeycomb-shaped cells that are arranged in either a single-cell or multi-cell fashion.

Why are Cellular Shades so Practical?

With their sleek, clean designs and warm textured look, Cellular Shades offer an elegant and tasteful way to enhance the design quality of any room, without overshadowing your home’s décor; finished with a neutral, white backing to provide a clean, consistent appearance to the outside. And owing to their unique composition and construction, Cellular Shades are available in any shape or size, while also providing several unique functional qualities that other window treatments don’t.


While many blind and shade options will help you manage light, Cellular Shades are also specifically designed to provide unmatched energy efficiency and savings. The intricate honeycomb-shaped cell construction acts like an energy-efficient barrier by trapping and preventing cool and warm air from escaping while ensuring your room is comfortable all year ‘round – and by minimizing your home's reliance on your air conditioner or heater, you save on energy costs.


From dim-out to darkness, from light-filtering or blackout, Drapes’n Shades can show you a collection of Cellular Shades that provide several distinctive options for controlling the light in a room. All are constructed with fabric selected from a broad range of high-quality materials we also use in our Skylight Shades. In fact, our highest efficiency blackout fabric contains a built-in metallic lining for added efficiency.

Can Cellular Shades be Motorized? Absolutely!

Although creating an environment that speaks to elegant design quality is always a prime consideration, a motorized system provides many other benefits including:

  • child safety
  • convenience
  • privacy
  • an added sense of security
  • improved energy efficiencies...just to name a few

And when you decide to motorize your Cellular Shades, even just one room at a time as your needs or budget require, Drapes’n Shades will be happy to address all your Motorization questions and show you a full range of colours and exciting blackout textures to choose from.

Smart-Home Technology

Selected as an Expert Somfy® dealer, our in-house engineer is always on-site to ensure flawless wiring and seamless smart-home system integration.  And, because Drapes’n Shades specializes in Motorization, we're very comfortable working with the latest in cutting-edge interface technology and popular control platforms, including Alexa, Lutron, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Somfy®, Logitech, Control4, etc. Plus, we offer a full range of hard-wired, battery, and solar-powered options that make it easy to modify natural daylight and privacy with a simple touch of a button on hand-held/wall-mounted remotes or voice-commands, pre-programmed time-sets from anywhere in the world, in real time, directly from your tablet, phone or computer.

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