Window Treatments in Toronto and GTA


    Custom draperies add a touch of luxury and warmth to any room, helping complete it in a way that few other furnishings can.

    Drapes'n Shades specializes in high quality custom drapery treatments.

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    Sunshades allow you to keep the view while reducing heat and glare.

    The light-filtering qualities of our sunshades include:

    • Diffused light
    • Reduced glare
    • Reduced heat transfer
    • Minimized UV ray penetration, which helps protect your wood floors and furniture

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    Sheer shades allow diffused light through while providing UV and glare protection. Light filtering or room darkening vanes suspended between two sheer fabric facings culminate in a uniquely beautiful and surprising functional shade.

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    Combines both view and privacy!

    Alternating bars of solid and sheer fabrics pass over each other allowing you to maintain your view while also guaranteeing privacy. The solid fabric bars are available in both light filtering and room darkening levels of openness.

    Eclisse shades feature the same qualities as our other light filtering shades.

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    Roman shades offer the attraction of drapes along with the functionality of blinds, creating elegance for any room.

    Available in both hobbled and flat styles. We have 100’s of fabrics to choose from in all ranges of light filtration to blackout.

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    Cellular shades combine a warm, textured look with unmatched energy efficiency. Air pockets within the shade minimize heat transfer which helps to keep the heat from escaping during the winter months and saving you on cooling costs in the summer.

    We offer dozens of fabrics in both light filtering and blackout options. Our highest efficiency blackout fabric actually has a built-in metallic lining!

    Also known as Cellular shades, these are the same fabrics we use for our skylight shades.

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    The perfect solution for shading any skylight. Drapes N’ Shades skylight shades are custom manufactured by us to meet your specific requirements. Both light filtering and blackout options are available, with our most efficient blackout cellular fabric including a metal lining for extra energy efficiency!

    Customize the look you want with our wide line of cellular and sun shade fabrics. A flat Roman design is a great option for those that desire a more refined look. Those who value greater energy efficiency will be more drawn towards the cellular fabrics.

    Our skylight shades are operated manually with a telescope pole or remotely when motorization is requested.

    You can expect to reduce radiated heat gain by more than 65% and cut UV penetration by at least 90%.

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    Are you light sensitive? Do you have a room with windows that you just can’t keep the light out? We have the perfect solution for you!

    Our vast line of blackout and room darkening fabrics will ensure that any unwanted sunlight will stay out. Depending on your needs, we can suggest either a translucent fabric (room darkening/dim out) or an opaque fabric (blackout).

    Ask us about our audio/visual complete blackout system to cut down on unwanted noise and eliminate those light gaps at the edge of the shades.

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    Wood blinds add warmth and richness to any room. Drapes N’ Shades uses high quality and precision crafted North American wood products.

    Faux wood blinds are the perfect window solution when the function of the room calls for a less expensive alternative to wood blinds. These blinds come in a variety of colours and are an economical alternative to wood.

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    Both wood and vinyl shutters are available. Our wood shutters are made from 100% Canadian hardwood. We never use finger jointed wood or composite fillers, which allows both the panels and frames to retain their original appearance throughout their lifetime.

    Drapes'n Shades vinyl shutters are available in standard and custom sizes and come in a wide variety of fade-resistant colours. Homeowners choose long lasting, low maintenance vinyl because of its affordability, durability, and traditional appearance of wood.

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    Panel tracks combine clean lines and a sleek modern look. They are the perfect solution for both large and small window expanses and have been frequently used as a room divider.

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    Do you have a hard to reach window? With the touch of a button from anywhere in the room you can have effortless control over all your blinds, shades, and draperies!

    We got you covered whether it’s the simplest battery powered motorized shades or the latest state of the art motors that can be integrated with most home automation systems!

    Drapes'n Shades is both AWC-Automated and Somfy certified and has extensive experience with integration to Lutron, Control4, Crestron, and many more home automation systems.

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